Alpha Scents

Rebrand and Digital Marketing Campaigns

Building a Stronger Online Presence

Our Team reviewed and revisited the clients core audience, and rebranded the website to speak directly with images and slogans and headlines that were more relatable to DTC.  With the change out of messaging both on their website, and social media pages, the result was a significant increase the number of site visitors and the organic.

Growing Engagement and Sales for Alpha Scents

Boosting Sales and Traffic with SEO and E-commerce Rebranding

We created a shopping campaign to introduce new home use products to the consumers, with a very strong go to market strategy optimizing the top sellers on the client’s ecommerce platform. The campaigns produced an immediate CTR of over 2.5% within the first 2 weeks. The client increased online product sales by over 150% year over year within the first 30 days as a direct result of the product listings.

A Successful Social Media Strategy for Alpha Scents

Our creative and branding team stayed in concert with the rebranding efforts, with consistent proven messaging on the website content, and providing a User Experience that related naturally compelling messages to help the environment, eating healthier and highlighting the clients’ unique advantages from traditional pesticides.