Anaya’s Beauty Bar

Amazon Store Buildout PPC and Shopify Shopping Campaigns

Amazon Strategy That Delivered Success

The International Beauty Brand retained our SEO and PPC team to assist in building and launching their Amazon storefront. By utilizing both A+ content strategies and amazing product descriptions, and client provided design and product shots, we created a store that produced US and International sales within the 1st week of Launch on the world’s largest ecommerce platform.

Immediate Results

Our team produced review incentives and a meticulous keyword strategy in the Amazon ads, advertising platform delivering consistent clicks, and orders within the first 30 days.

Successful Store Launch

Within 30 days of the Amazon store launch we built out the Shopify website with proven paid shopping ads utilizing Google and Bing Marketplace paid product ads. In a very competitive health and wellness space, we were able to identify immediate traffic and orders. The initial KPIs for purchase traffic converting from clicks was close to 10% within the first 45 days. The shopping conversions to the their site produced Multi Product checkouts.