CARTAR Allstar Collision

Web Design and Development, Video Production, Social Media, and SEO

Building a Stronger Online Presence

Our Team Delivered a State-of-the-art Design and Technical WordPress site, that featured live feeds for Client testimonials, Video Integration, and Carwise Appointment booking, scheduling and even a view my Vehicles status button, that allows the clients customers to view their exact vehicle status 24/7. We also rebranded content photos and added custom features that allowed the customer to receive a quote by uploading their photos and insurance information.

Boosting Sales and Traffic with SEO and Video Rebranding

Our team provided the script and shot a video on site, provided editing and Voiceover talent to brand the services, for the content for the Social Media Reels, Website and Youtube Channel to Gain Followers for all platforms to view their services. Messaging also included a Cameo of the president to assure Customer service and quality. This reel garnered over 10,000 views on Instagram.

A Successful Social Media Strategy for CARTAR Allstar Collision

The Client has received over 400 new Facebook followers and over 700 new Instagram Followers as a result of our team’s effort in consistently sharing to groups, that are relevant, and and our content strategy. Our content team features before and after repair shots and client testimonials/reviews. We feature Videos and Reels to drive engagement.  Each month the client receives questions, new customers and shares and testimonial comments because of their excellent reputation.