Patagonia Water

SEO and Social Media

Building a Stronger Online Presence

Patagonia water came to us with a personal profile on Instagram with 79 followers and very homegrown content with no actual strategy.  Also, they asked us to build out the business page, and create a robust direct response selling strategy.

Previously they were flat on new followers and engagement and had almost no interaction or traffic to their services website that were producing sales.  

Growing Engagement and Sales for Patagonia Water

Capturing new customers with Social Rebranding

Within the first 60 days we were able to lift their engagement and increase their follower base by 200%.

In addition, through building out stories, and a tagging like profiles, were trending on IG with several mentions on the product effectiveness. In addition, we rebranded their e-commerce site to sell both B2b and B2C and created a robust SEO campaign to drive immediate sales and traffic to learn more about their product, its applications, and shared many product reviews and testimonials.

A Successful Social Media Strategy for Patagonia Water

Within the first 2.5 weeks we had a tremendous response tripling followers on Instagram and tracking direct messages for new followers to receive quotations. In addition, the Client asked us to create a Facebook business account, within 8 days we attracted through joining face book groups over 150 followers and the client is now receiving phone calls for in home consults to sell their water conditioning units.