Mastering Meta AI and Pay Per Click Performance

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How to use Meta AI Integration for Better Performance for Facebook Ads, and Post Content

Our social media team now offers Meta AI, which uses machine learning & automation products to help advertisers optimize their campaigns and save time and money. Here are the benefits you can use this tool for when advertising on Facebook.

  • Target audiences


Advertisers can choose categories like age and gender or actions people take on Facebook apps. We also use audience information, like email lists or website visitors, to create custom or lookalike audiences.

  • Match ads to audiences


Meta AI uses data and what advertisers know about their audience to match ads to the people most likely to click on a website or fill out a form. Personalize ads

Meta AI can help advertisers personalize ads by matching them to the right people at the right time. For example, Meta AI can use generative AI to write ad copy and headlines and change backgrounds on images. It can also generate full images based on existing creative assets

Detect emotions

Meta AI can detect emotions in photos and videos, such as anger, sadness, happiness, or frustration. It can then potentially boost ads based on the emotions displayed. We also use this tool to bring MetaAI into your group chats in Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp to share recommendations for how to organize a valid response to an advertisers offer.BDA Digital

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Tools for better ROI on Amazon and Google Pay per Click Advertising.

Our Team understands the importance of Maximizing every dollar spent on Pay-per-click advertising. Below are 5 TIPS for Successful E-commerce Pay-per-click advertising proven to bring new customers and traffic to your e-commerce website.

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1. Use both Sponsored Display campaign types

Using both Sponsored Display audience campaigns and product targeting at the same
time can help advertisers drive an increase in sales and incremental reach.

2. Add more than 10 ASINs in each Sponsored Display campaign

When you advertise more products in your campaigns, those products can participate in more auctions.

3. Include products that do well on Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands

If you are unsure what you should select for your campaign, we recommend using products that you may have advertised successfully through Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands campaigns. Products that generate good click-through rates (CTR) or conversion rates through our other sponsored ads products may perform well on Sponsored Display as well.

4. Don’t forget newly launched products

Both product targeting and audience campaigns are great tools when advertising newly launched products or products with low-detail page views. By targeting products that are complementary to your own, or by engaging audiences who viewed similar products to yours, you can drive interested customers to your products quicker than they may discover them otherwise.

5. Advertise products running on deals

Sponsored Display ads support automated deals and savings badges to help shoppers easily spot special offers when your products are on sale. Automated badging drives up to 42% more clicks for Sponsored Display compared to standard ads. 2 So if you have scheduled a deal in the future.

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