Tips for Successful Amazon Storefront PPC and Woocommerce Sales


Tis the Season for Selling on AMAZON and Ecommerce Shopping

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Holiday sprint for e-commerce selling is here. In 2022 the e-commerce giant reported 9.12 billion in sales on Black Friday. That’s up more than 2% compared with last year. On Cyber Monday, shoppers spend $11.3 billion, up almost 6% from 2021.

The rise in online shopping is accredited to convenience, with Prime delivery virtually the next day, rising fuel process, and the inconvenience of standing in long lines.  How does your product, benefit from these seasonal rises in sales?  If your product is listed with either Google Shopping, or Bing Marketplace, and you have a Shopify or other online sales platforms we can help.

We help with building out the storefronts managing the Sponsored brands, and shopping campaigns by listing products organically adding video remarketing, and continuously monitoring all of the ROAS, (Return on ad spend), KPIS, and Analytics.  You can view more on our case studies by visiting

Don’t get left out in the cold this Holiday shopping Season. Lift your product sales and Brand awareness with our PPC and SEO pros to learn more visit to schedule a complimentary analysis of your current online product marketing strategies.

Build your Online Sales with World-Class WordPress and Woocommerce Websites.

One of the reasons why WooCommerce is so popular is that business owners can use it to sell all kinds of products, regardless of their niche. You can sell:

  • Physical items like couches or hair products
  • Downloadable products like novels or comics
  • External products like Amazon affiliates
  • Invites to webinars or training sessions.

It also has high scalability that allows businesses of all kinds of sizes to successfully set up shop. You won’t have to worry about your business expanding past the plugin’s capabilities.

Limitless Customization Options

WooCommerce helps you create a store that is specific to the type of products you offer. It has an almost infinite number of free Plugins. The number of themes is just as impressive. Even if you don’t find a theme that speaks to you, you can choose one that cuts quite close and customize each of its sections from the header to the tiniest detail. One huge plus is you don’t need to be overly tech-savvy, seeing as the WooCommerce wizard allows you to tinker with the site with no knowledge of CSS or HTML. Our Expert development team can build all the options and give you the training you will need prior to launch to do everything from changing out images, pricing, and managing inventory.

Maximum Security

As an online platform, you’ll need to have secure gateways in place so that your customers’ credentials aren’t compromised. WooCommerce comes with secure payment lines like PayPal and Stripe. You can add a backup that stores information in its encrypted form to maintain your customers’ confidentiality.

WooCommerce also allows you to add a security plugin that regularly scans your site for malware, thus adding an extra measure to bar hackers.

There are approximately 4.5 million WooCommerce websites in operation. Our team is versed in all of the version updates and designs stunning creative assets to complement each of the sites we develop.  To learn more about our web capabilities please visit

Also, schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can deliver an e-commerce site that will produce sales and conversions with our suite of digital services

We wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and look forward to providing inciteful information and relevant Digital News on the latest trends and best practices throughout the year. 

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